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Friends of Mer's Life

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Erin Says Logo.png

Erin Says

Erin writes a hilarious, R-Rated wife/mom blog and happens to be a dear friend of mine.  Click here to read about her life and all of the crazy shit she does.


St. Hilaire Event Coordinating

St. Hilaire Event Coordinating is a Special Events Planner based out of Selah, Washington.  Brianna St. Hilaire is a visionary when is comes to wedding planning, along with other special life events.  Please contact her if you're witin Washington State to start planning your dream even today!

Jay Stewart Photography.jpg

Stewart Photo Co.

Jay Stewart is a lifestyle photographer out of Winter Park, CO. With an eye for candid shots, he can catch special moments in every setting: family, wedding, action, sports - if you can do it, Jay will capture it for you.  Click here to see his images and contact him for a shoot!

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Realtor Kristin Frasier

Kristin Frasier has been a Professional Colorado Realtor since 2013. She is an expert negotiator and a true advocate for you in all your real estate needs.  Please contact her if you are considering buying/selling your home, and if you're looking for property!

BCC Evolution transparent.png

BCC Evolution

Love Life, You Matter!

BCC is an ever-evolving movement...
A place for survivors
A place for warriors
A place for those left behind.

Please visit the website for support and information about services offered.

Screenshot_2018-08-30 Lactation Consulta

Southwest Perinatal Education Services

Michaela Zach, IBCLC offers private lactation consultation in the comfort of your home. Her company, Southwest Perinatal Education Services, LLC, serves Arizona's East Valley and offers education and lactation support for new families and professionals.

innovative aesthetics.jpg

Innovative Aesthetics

Innovative Aesthetics specializes in non-invasive cosmetic and skin rejuvenation treatments.  They offer a full range of aesthetic services and products to assist with skin rejuvenation, overall skin wellness, skin damage prevention, and body reshaping. Visit their site to book a complimentary consultation at their Aurora or Denver location today!

MomCave TV Logo.png

MomCave TV

What happens when you mix irreverent humor, a professional film and advertising background and #slackermom style? You get what Forbes calls “An edgy alternative to mom bloggers!”... MomCave. We’ve ditched the DIY and built a community of over 85,000 moms and dads with a sense of humor about the parenting pandemonium.


MomCave been chosen for YouTube’s Women in Comedy Initiative, nominated for Best Comedy Duo, Best Live Series, and Best Hosted Series. If Pinterest makes you break out in hives, is the place for you!

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