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Just Breathe...

I woke up anxious this morning. Normally, Hubby wakes up with the #threenager and gets him breakfast while I try to squeeze in a little more sleep between cartoon giggles from downstairs. This morning though, I couldn’t turn my brain off.

Everything going on in the world right now seems overwhelming to me. I’m concerned about the impact for those out of pay, small businesses (my own included), the health of those who can’t fight this virus. I’m saddened by how quickly society went to an “Every Man for Himself” mentality; which has emptied our grocery stores of daily staples that many need to survive and can not afford to buy in bulk.

While laying here, #Bobbycat came and snuggled up against my neck. He has the loudest motor of any cat I’ve ever heard, but his love is infectious. I’ve heard that listening to five minutes of purring can lower your Cortisol and reduce stress. So even though my mind was racing and I wanted to get up to start my day, I stayed. I listened to his purring and I breathed deep.

After a brief bout of choking on cat hair, I relaxed. There is only so much in my control right now. My husband and I will take care of our families. We will play games, watch too many cartoons, do puzzles, try to work in some educational workbooks and crafts, play outside, and above all, do our best to show our kids love and not the fear in our hearts.

If our country has ever needed a time to come together, this is it. Extend your compassion to those who need it. Be grateful for all that you have. Try not to panic. Turn off Social Media for a while each day (after checking Mer’s Life of course) and just BE. We will get through this, hopefully with a little laughter and a whole lot of kindness thrown in.


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