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Updated: Jul 4

Me: ugh, I hate playdates.

Also me: drives literally 7 hours for a playdate

The boys and I loaded up our car on Monday and drove to Manhattan, KS to visit some friends who moved from CO last year. We’ve spent the week playing outside with our friends and having a blast. Bugs (so many bugs sweet Jesus), fireworks, sprinklers, Maggie the doggie, the new Pixar movie in theaters, and so much laughter. My kids want to move to Kansas  

The longer I’m home with the boys and not working 8-5 M-F, the happier I am that I made this decision. This is the first summer since they have been alive that I’ve been able to pack-up on a whim and drive somewhere fun. No stressing about work and employees and missing something important. I feel lighter and happier. I’m taking clients on an as-WANTED basis, helping with social media management and website builds, and working when I choose. I’m happy, and it feels good.  #nevermovingtokansas #butilovepartsofit

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