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Royal Or Not...Not Our Business

Updated: Jul 4

I purposefully didn’t share my thoughts about what may be going on with Kate Middleton the past few weeks. I had a feeling it was something really bad. Such secrecy from a family that is expected to share their lives with complete transparency was enough to tell us that much. I’ve been quiet; waiting for news that would confirm my fears. And yesterday, this incredibly brave women released a statement with such calm that it almost masked what she must be feeling: complete terror.

This poor woman, healing from surgery, facing devastating news, and beginning horrible treatments, all while trying to guide her young children through it. And then the world expects her to answer to us? The way the media demands access to the Royal Family is disgusting. It infuriates me when these women must walk outside, hours after giving birth, to show their babies to the world. HelI, I didn’t leave my house for 10 WEEKS after having my first child, with the exception of doctor appointments.

If you haven’t watched the documentary Harry & Meghan, it’s available on Netflix and I highly recommend it. I remember hearing stories of Princess Diana going through the same, invasive experiences with her children. (Ex?) Prince Harry tells even more about this and other ways the media intrudes on their privacy. It made me question everything I knew about the Royals and I absolutely understand why he and Meghan chose to unchain themselves from the family.

So while people will continue to wonder about things and delve into conspiracy theories when someone in the public eye steps back for some time, I hope this serves as a lesson that these people truly owe us nothing. I don’t care who they are, what family they are part of, whether or not they chose to live in the public eye. Nobody deserves complete access to someone else’s life. Privacy is a right that everyone should have, and empathy should not trail far behind.

I’ve always adored Kate Middleton and truly hope she is able to fight this and live a long, healthy life. And I hope she’s able to do that away from prying eyes.  #katemiddleton #princessofwales #royalfamilynews

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