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Hi! I'm Meredith!

Welcome!  I am Meredith, AKA Mer - wife, mother, business owner, dreamer, writer, and in recent years, funny(ish) blogger.  


As my grandfather before me, I have always had a passion for writing.  I try to write about day-to-day life, amusing things that happen to me, and occasionally I'll reach deep into my brain and pull-out a funny childhood memory.  With two little kids (7 & 10) at home, I'm currently stuck in this stage called Mommyhood.  I'm told that the constraints this puts on life will lessen as my children grow, but for the time being, I am smack-dab in the endless video game stories, brotherly fights, "I WANT A SNACK", LEGO messes, and temper tantrums (mine, not theirs).  You're going to hear a lot about that kind of stuff right now, because kids.  I'm cool with that.

My Blog posts are intended to poke fun at life and tell stories as I wish.  I swear, I'm sarcastic, and I rarely take things too seriously.   Pucker Up Mer is my makeup business - take a look at that page and contact me with questions, or to order! Please check out My Friends while you're here to find other bloggers and websites/businesses that I support!

I've always found that the best way to enjoy life is to make others enjoy it, too.  This blog is my attempt at finding humor in everyday situations. 




XO - Mer


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