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What is Pucker Up Mer?

Pucker Up Mer is my makeup and skincare business!  I started using SeneGence makeup and skincare in January 2017 and instantly knew it was something I wanted to share with other people.  LipSense is our premier product and has been around since 1999.  This awesome two-part color/gloss system molecularly bonds with your lips and lasts ALL DAY (4-18 hours)!


I also carry a complete line of skincare, including a Solutions Line to target problem areas and concerns.  Fine lines and wrinkles?  I've got you!  Acne or hyper-pigmentation?  I'm your girl! I have something for everyone and can customize your skincare routine to suit your needs.  NO kits or standard sets requires; we can build what you need together.

SeneGence products are made with premium ingredients in pharmaceutical grade manufacturing plants, IN THE U.S.! There is NO wax in our products so they do not melt as your body temperature rises! Products is cruelty free (not tested on animals), vegan, GMO-free, lead-free and gluten-free. To top it all off, LipSense is waterproof, kiss proof and smudge proof AND all of our cosmetics are long-wear and smudge-free once they set. 

Getting Started with LipSense

Every new LipSense lover needs to Starter Kit which includes:


* One LipSense Color of your choice

* One Glossy Gloss

* One Ooops! Remover 


The gloss seals and hydrates your color throughout the day so it will last.  The remover takes it off when you're ready.  Only $55 for the Starter Kit!

Want more colors and/or glosses? Colors are $25 each, Glosses are $0 each.


Available LipSense Colors

There are more than 50 amazing LipSense colors available!  There are three different finishes: matte, shimmer & frost in every shade you could want. 


Amazing Skincare

Our SeneDerm skincare lines offer four different varieties to best address your skin type.  Each line contains a Cleanser, Daytime Moisturizer, and Evening Moisturizer. We also have more than 15 items in our Solutions Line to target and correct different concerns with your skin.  All items contain our patented SenePlex+ Complex; an anti-aging ingredient that speeds up cellular renewal and decreases signs of aging with every use. 

seneplex complex.jpg

SenePlex+ Complex is a kinetic enzyme that works to affect the way cells grow from the bottom layers of the skin to the top.  SenePlex+ fights the signs of aging by supporting renewal of your skin cells an average of 23.3% more rapidly. 

Verified by an independent lab, clinical testing confirmed products with SenePlex+ Complex are highly effective in increasing skin renewal, and regular use results in remarkable improvements to skin, including: Skin smoothness increased by 45%.  Almost 33% more individuals with sensitive skin were able to use SeneDerm SkinCare without irritation.

Skincare Solutions


How to Order.jpg

Ordering is easier than ever!  I accept credit/debit card payment through Square, direct payment through Venmo, or you may visit my website and order directly from it! Orders ship within one day of payment for all in-stock items! 

The Opportunity

My Story

As the mother of two little boys, I fell into a typical "mom" rut of messy hair and minimal makeup. I started to lose sight of myself and stopped trying to get ready each day. I decided that 2017 would be the year that I made an effort to take better care of myself. Since being introduced to LipSense, I have literally put myself together 'nearly' every single day and applied it before leaving my house. Not only are people commenting on the colors I wear, but I FEEL GOOD about myself and am more confident than I've been in a long time. I have also expanded into the full line of long-lasting, anti-aging cosmetics and amazing skincare that SeneGence has to offer.

SeneGence, Inc. offers more than just amazing products! For just $55, you can join my team and become a distributor, or just become a wholesale customer and get 20-50% off your orders!  Message me or click ---> for details!


Other Products

SeneGence has a complete line of long-lasting cosmetics, anti-aging skincare,

a skincare solutions line, body care, and hair care products!


Click below to view all of the products available to order in the 2019 Beauty Book and message me with requests!


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