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Closing Day...

If you had seen this warehouse 6 months ago, you would have seen 8,000+ square feet of shelving, electronic parts, and every little thing needed to run this business for the last 34 years. It. Was. Full. After selling my business last October and transferring my staff to the new company, I came into my warehouse day after day and cleared out a lifetime of work. Alone.

There were moments of pure ambition: 30,000 steps in a day, sweating, moving; determined to close this chapter in my life. There were also moments of utter despair; sitting in the middle of a pile of stuff, sobbing. I’ve felt unsure, excited, overwhelmed, happy, sad, and every emotion in between.

My initial contract on the building fell through last November when the market started to turn. As interest rates soared, the price of my building dropped. It just wasn’t worth the stress of waiting for a premium buyer in a down market. My friends and family kept telling me, “it will all work out.”

Today I turn the keys over to an amazing company, run by truly kind and genuine people. I know they’ll use this building for good and take care of it. We’ve developed a rapport that makes it easier to walk out this door and know it’s not my home anymore. I’m emotional, but I’ve spent more time with my kids in the last two months than ever before. I’ve volunteered in their classes, chaperoned field trips, and picked them up myself every single day. This is what I wanted. And I already have my fingers in about 6 other projects so I’ll never be bored. It all worked out. Onto bigger, better things my friends.



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