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#hitbyatruck Updates...

Updated: Jul 4

Morning loves from #bobbycat!

I’ve had a lot of messages asking for accident updates. It’s been almost six weeks since I was #hitbyatruck. I’ve had two surgeries so far, one on my broken knee and one on my shattered foot. I have a broken rib on the top of my left shoulder (Rib One) and lots of soft tissue damage on my chest from the seatbelt. Ribs take FOREVER to heal and it’s extremely painful; I can only use my upper body for movement, which doesn’t help. Still can’t wash my own hair so thank god for Erin-Says!

I had 15 breaks in my foot and one “crunch” as my surgeon called it (read: just a bunch of crushed bones). There are plates and screws and pins and who knows what else in there, holding everything together. Super fun fact: I have a metal wire sticking out of my foot. Like, it pokes through the tissue under my middleish toe and just hangs out. It’s currently infected so I’m on antibiotics until they remove it. When does that happen, you ask? They will pull it out of my foot at my next appointment October 12th. In the office. Without any pain control. Just pull it out. Of my foot.  So I’m really excited about that. #shotofvodka

Recovery is slow and frustrating. I’m unable to put any weight on my right leg for 8-10 more weeks. My right calf is pretty much useless from being in a cast for so long. Thankfully, they removed my full leg cast last week and I have an air boot that I can remove occasionally. I was able to shave my right leg for the first time last week and it dulled two razors/clogged the drain with my ape hair legs. Who knew my legs could look just like my husband’s?! #notmeomg 

My external bruises have almost all but disappeared, though many places are still sore to the touch. Today I’m stitch and staple-free, so everything is healing with just a little help from some Steri Strips. Most days I’m ok. I have occasional panic attacks and riding in the car is not my favorite. I have a lot of anxiety about learning to walk/drive again in a few months. It’s hard for me to ask for help and utterly humbling to need it for everything.

I am looking at one (hopefully only one) more surgery in 3-6 months to remove the hardware in my foot. My surgeon expects a full recovery within a year. I haven’t been on pain meds since two days after my foot surgery because Oxicodone makes me barf and I’m a glutton for punishment. Tylenol PM makes the nights bearable.

Hubby went back to work this week, so I’m holding down the fort and working from home most days. I’m catching rides into the office with whoever will take me (kidding, I have the best friends and family EVER) twice a week for a few hours. It’ll be like this for several more months until I’m fully capable of walking and driving. Yay.

The guy who hit me has multiple felonies in two states, no insurance, and is not cooperating with police. We are waiting on toxicology to see what was in his system when he hit me, at 8:15am on a random Wednesday morning. #mfer The DA will press felony charges and who knows what will happen? We will settle with our insurance, get a new car, and move on with life. I don’t put much time or effort into stressing about this guy - he is not worth my time.

I’m forever thankful that my babies were safe at school when I was hit. I can’t believe the outpouring of support from people around the globe. I have a million Thank You cards to write!! Love to all of you and thank you for continuing to check on me. I’m better each day and every single text, call, comment, message, meal, gift, etc. is received and so appreciated!!

XO - Mer

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