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MAma Down...

As I sat on the edge of my bathtub last night sobbing - surrounded by kids’ toys and used washcloths and eczema lotion - it hit me just how much pressure we put on ourselves as mothers. You see, I have the flu. As in; body aches, fever, chills, stomach pain, runny nose and the worst headache ever, IN-FLU-EN-ZA. I tried to fight it all day but ended up leaving work early, picking up my kids, and coming home. My husband works nights right now and I had to wake him up early to help me. He’s an amazing husband and father. He rolled out of bed, went downstairs, and started making dinner for our kids. And I sat down and cried like the world was ending because I feel guilty (and I have a high fever that probably didn’t help). I can’t. be. sick.

Even left in my husband’s capable hands, I feel guilt that I can’t help. In fact, he’s so capable that the only thing that probably went wrong was that he gave the kids two desserts. I know this because I could hear my three year old repeatedly yelling, “I got two ‘sserts!!!”

Being a mom (and parent) is hard. I’m constantly worried the world will stop turning if I am out of commission. Then the universe likes to take me down a peg and remind me that I’m human. There will be times when my stubborn, I-can-do-it-all self will simply be unable to do anything. Times when I’m too sick to take my kids to school or drive myself to the doctor so they can swab my f*ing brain to confirm that yes, I do have Influenza. B. What’s the difference between A and B? I don’t know but B probably stands for Bitch because this is awful.

Anywho, just a friendly reminder that we have to take care of ourselves first before we can take care of anyone else. Accept help when it’s offered and ASK for it when you need it. Thanks to my husband for being here for us always. Also, get your flu shot and stay out of public because people like to snot on things and spread their germs.  #influenzasucks #mamadown

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