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Moms Are Always Watching...

My kids think I have eyes in the back of my head, like all moms  It’s something we told them years ago and have managed to pull-off since then; they always asked “what number am I holding up?” when I could see a reflection or my husband near by, tossing me the answers.

The other night they were being extra rowdy behind me when I told them to knock it off because I’m ALWAYS watching. The #bigkid is forever the skeptic so he immediately said, “Alexa, do girls have eyes in the back of their head??” Ah fuck, this bitch.

To my surprise, Alexa totally had my back. She informed us that girls don’t have eyes in the back of their heads, but mothers have been said to have them because of their heightened awareness of their children. HA! Take that, suckers!!!

Then I had to sit there and fend-off the kids while they tried to “prove it” with various antics behind my head. I told them those eyes were “sleeping right now” and didn’t want to watch. Sometimes have one pair of eyes is more than enough.  #momlife #boymom #alwayswatching

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