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What In The Crime Scene Is Happening...

Updated: Jul 4

My husband is working nights right now. He had to work Sunday night, so I kept the kids busy and quiet all day so he could sleep before his shift. Just after our super fun special basement dinner, my youngest fell down the slide and busted his nose. It bled allll over both of us, but we got it under control and moved on with life.

After about an hour, I had to leave to drop something off with a neighbor. We quietly got in the car and left. After five minutes, my phone rang: Hubby. I sent him to voicemail because I was just hopping out of the car to deliver lipstick and we'd be back home shortly. On the drive back, my phone rang again: Hubby. I answered to a slightly panicked voice, asking if we were ok?!?!

Apparently, I'd placed the bloody mess of paper towels and clothing on our counter; and just left without a word.   Hubby came down, half asleep, saw the crime scene, and couldn't find us anywhere. He was calling to see if I had, "finally snapped" or if someone was seriously injured? Rest assured, sweet husband: if/when I finally snap, you won't be left out. Also, if something happens that requires an ER visit, I'm waking your ass up to help me. #sorrybabe #onthisepisodeofsnapped

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