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Who Are You Talking To?

Today I received a message from a man who informed me that my post about the sudden appearance of my mustache was, “unsexy” and that I should, “stick to cute pictures of [myself] and funny stories.” After I stopped laughing, I felt it important to address his concerns. If anything I’ve ever written led you to believe that I am trying to be sexy, read it again. I don’t owe sexiness to anyone but my husband. It has never been, and will never be, my job or desire to make myself appear sexually appealing to anyone on the internet. My only goal with this blog is to be funny, remain authentic, stay #relatable, and entertain people - all while encouraging kindness. If anything is ever sexy, it’s my words and the power they hold. So, here’s a “cute picture” of me with a somewhat suggestive gesture, only this applies to what people can do to themselves next time they’d like to put me in a box and tell me how to behave.  #notmyjob #findanotherblogdude

EDIT: The mustache post was quite a while ago so he must have been either holding-onto his disappointment or scrolling like a mad man. It can be found here:

Also, my badass, feminist, awesome readers - I hear you and you are RIGHT! I do not OWE anyone my sexiness but I DO reserve it for my husband because he is lucky.

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