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Wipe Your Fears Away...

Updated: Jul 4

Exciting news: the #sixlet is now wiping his own butt. I know you’re thinking, “just NOW?” and I don’t really care, because we have been working on this for three years. He’s been afraid of getting poop on his hands, which is yuck. He has been afraid of not getting totally clean. He’s also our baby and has been spoiled by us doing all the things for him.  Whatever. We finally got here.

Anywho, few weeks ago I was asking him the hardest part of wiping and he said, “there is too much poop for the scrunched up toilet paper.” And then it hit me: he’s been wiping wrong. Somewhere in our teachings, we neglected to teach him the folding technique: fold into a big square, wipe, fold again, wipe, and keep doing this until the square is too little and then start again with a new square. He’s been wadding up a ball of toilet paper and essentially painting his little cheeks with shit for three years. No WONDER it has been so messy for him!

Within two days of teaching him how to fold and wipe, he was confident in his abilities and wiping on his own.  When I came into the bathroom this morning, there was a little pre-folded piece of tp on top of the roll. When I asked about it, he simply replied, “it’s a little square for whoever needs to poop next, just to make it easier.”  #kidsareweirdaf #butalsosweet

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