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A Little Too Tight...

I was in the Target dressing room at lunch, trying to cram my butt into some new skinny jeans, when the guy next to me started grunting. He was obviously trying to fit into a new pair of skinny jeans, too. He grunted and then I heard a loud fart (like, loud) followed by a five second pause and then, "Sorry. I don't think these fit." I started cracking up and then he started cracking up and then he asked me to leave the dressing area first so we didn't make eye contact. That was the first time I have been concerned with something other than the horrible fluorescent lighting in a dressing room. I locked eyes with a man about 10 minutes later in my shopping experience and we both knew what happened. I just winked and kept browsing the Valentine's candy. Either it was the guy or I have a new boyfriend. #bestTargetexperience #ever

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