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Am I Doing This Wrong?

Ok, so stick with me here. That damn bird was chirping again this morning at 4:10am, and all I wanted to do was smack it with a fly swatter. As I lay there, slowly letting my rage build, I remembered that my dad used to keep a fly swatter in the front seat of his vehicle so he could reach my brother and me in the backseat if we were being assholes. Whatever it’s fine, it was the 80’s.  

So this got me thinking about my own fly swatter; which I’m 90% certain was one that my mom gave me when I moved out at 18 years of age. That’s almost 20 years ago friends.  I have never purchased one, so it must have been a gift and it was probably one that my mom had owned forever, too. Ok so that’s not even the point. It’s a fly swatter, not like there is a lot of wear-and-tear because I only kill flies with it (not hit my kids), so it works fine no matter the age. But guess what occurred to me during this wild fly swatter rabbit hole my brain went down? I HAVE NEVER WASHED MY FLY SWATTER.

Like, not once has it ever crossed my mind to clean it. If there is a fly, I swat it, pick it up with the swatter, throw it away, and hang it back on the wall in the laundry room. So is this normal? Do other people wash their fly swatters? How many years of fly guts are just in this thing? Good thing I only use it on flies because it would be even more disgusting to swat a bird or a child with fly guts.  The end. #thatsmystory

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