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Back to Life, Back to Reality...

We made it safely home from our 2024 family vacay at 3:04am this morning after some flight delays.  The cats woke me up at 5:13am, screaming for food as though we didn’t have someone staying here for the last week solely to feed and care for them. “MOM WE ARE STARVING!” #dramatic  Our children so kindly stormed into the room at 8:57am, fighting over the Nintendo Switch that they have thrived without for the last 9 days. They lost it for the rest of the day because parenting.

So far this morning, I’ve tripped down the stairs, stepped on one #bobbycat who won’t leave my side, started the coffee without any water because who doesn’t love the smell of burning?, and dropped an entire scoop of dirty kitty litter on the floor, NEXT to the trash can, because exhausted.  

At least I get to drink copious amounts of coffee from my new Grey’s mug, which may be my favorite purchase of the entire trip despite all of the other cool things we got. Because #Shondaland 

Anywhozle, hope you are all off to a great start to your week! Also can you see this post?? FB is doing this super fun thing again where like three people can see my stuff. Please drop a comment/like/share to let me know you’re here! HAPPY MONDAY!

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