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Bee A Good Human...

I saved this bee. This is such a ME thing to do, I can’t even tell you. While relaxing in my sister’s pool in Arizona last week, I saw this wee little guy drowning in the water near my floaty. “Oh no! That bee is going to die!” #sheerpanic I scooped him up and let him catch his breath in my hand. He laid there for a moment, still but alive. My family was worried he would sting me, but I knew better. This little guy was desperate and I think he understood I was helping. I paddled to the edge of the pool and gently laid him down to rest in the warmth of the sun. After a minute, he started cleaning his little head and shaking-off his wings. He was safe (aside from Duke the dog, who kept trying to eat him) and I got a picture of us together before he flew off. I love him and I hope he went forth, pollinated all the things, and lived a happy little bee life. If we aren’t going to protect the other creatures on this planet any way we can, we are doomed. Even the tiny bees.  #happybees #savethebees #saveourplanet #maybedontdothisifyouareallergictobeesthough #bettersafethansorry

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