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Crisis Schooling...

Updated: Jul 4

I am SO proud of this kid! The #firstgrader was moved back to remote learning yesterday. He was anxious and scared to be on the computer all day. He remembers how he went to Kindergarten one day last March, and when he went home that day, he never went back. That’s trauma, folks. He didn’t see his friends for FIVE MONTHS. When he started First Grade, everything had changed; no touching, no sharing, masks all day.  And yet, he and his classmates persevered. And now, as COVID numbers skyrocket in our community and cases have penetrated our schools, these kiddos and teachers are forced back into this situation. But this time, we were ready. Our school district, faculty, and teachers have been preparing for this since #crisislearning last Spring. I’m so infinitely proud of everyone for stepping-up, adapting, and doing the best they can for these kiddos. And my son, who has faced more uncertainty in the last year than any six year old should, still smiles his big, sweet, innocent smile and reminds me that we will get through this. Plus, it’s funny AF to see these kids sign on and talk and laugh and show off their pets and toys - all really loud and at the same time.

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