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Disappointment for the Ages...

Updated: Jul 4

Friday is the 100th day of school for my kiddos. The #honeybadger just learned that this is not, in fact, the last day of school. Devastated doesn’t even describe his current state.  I don’t know why he thought that school was over after this date, but he’s been planning his best life all week. He informed me today that he was, “ready for no more school after the 100th day and we’re going to have so much fun this summer!” Ummmm, summer is in 4 months, kid.  He still doesn’t believe that we had school last year after the 100th day, and he is refusing to attend school next week because, “no other kids will be there.” Oof. This kid does not lack confidence in his beliefs and he’s sure going to be shocked when we pull into school next week along with everyone else.

Also, does your elementary school celebrate the 100th day of school? Our Kindie and 1st graders make shirts with 100 objects on them and we have done googley eyes each year. I LOVE the schools that have their kids dress up as elderly people.

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