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Fuzzy Friends For A Day...

Updated: Jul 4

The #fivester has been having a hard time with school lately. He lost both of his teachers in the same week when they took other jobs, and he’s just really ready to be done with preschool. We have been struggling with tears and meltdowns on the way to school every day for two months. This week, we have been trying really hard to be brave and walk into school without a fuss.

Today was especially difficult and we couldn’t even get out of the house without tears. So, as a compromise, he got to bring Ted and Tiny in the car to school. This worked great, until we got to school and he realized I would not let him bring them inside (read: kids are dirty and gross). I promised to keep them safe in the car all day.

“They can’t stay in the CAR, Mommy!! They need to be with you and you have to make sure they have fun activities and get lunch. Don’t leave them in the hot car or they’ll die.”

I agreed to take them to work with me and keep them safe. Now, I would have been able to just leave them and lie about it later, except he is too smart for me. As I’m walking out of the door of school, he yells, “I want pictures of your day together as proof!”

Well, shit. Looks like I’m showing these bears the time of their lives today. Pick your battles, friends. He’s going to be so happy when he sees how much we did today!  ⁣

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