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We’ve been traveling all day, but I could not let the day pass without wishing my absolute BFF Erin (Erin-Says) a fabulous birthday!!!   

We may poke fun at one another constantly, and laugh at weird things that make others uncomfortable, but this chick right here is my soulmate. There aren’t a whole lotta people on this planet that would wash your hair 2x a week after you’re #hitbyatruck, or lay in the grass to find bugs with your kids, or give you all their old furniture when they get on a Gemini  redecorating kick - but she does. I mean she probably wouldn’t for just anyone, but she totally does for me.

Erin, my Sister Wife, I love you with my entire heart and soul. I’m so glad this life brought us together and cannot WAIT to see what chaos we bring to the world. Thanks for being my babe. Want to write a book? Ya think anyone would buy it? #letsdoit

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