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I'm A People Person...

“Mom, you make friends EVERYWHERE we go!”

It’s true. I love love love people. We went to the Hammond's Candy Factory over Spring Break last week and, as soon as we were in the car, my kids had to talk about the people we met and friends we made there. I do this often. I’m still friends with the paramedic that I met when I got influenza and went septic at the ER in 2014. Still talk to the lady I met in the MGM Grand bathroom in Las Vegas on my 21st birthday. I’m still in touch with the amazing woman who made me a college graduation cake when I worked at a medical spa 16 years ago. (Hi, Donna!)

It’s what I do; my expertise, if you will, is human connection and building authentic relationships. I left Hammond’s with a new friend named Ronnie, the General Manager. By the time packed up our delicious assortment of treats and headed home, I knew his spouse’s name, their address, and had been invited over for parties in their neighborhood this summer. He was the highlight of an already awesome experience at the factory and meeting him ensures we will be back!

So if you’re in the Denver Metro area and looking for something fun to do, head over to Hammond’s Candies for the free tour and get you some amazing sweets  Find Ronnie and tell him that Meredith sent you!! #makingfriends #expertpeopleperson

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