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Holy Pants...

Updated: Jul 4

I own two pairs of yoga pants; one is a regular pair, one is maternity pair that I just wear with really long shirts so you can see the extra tummy fabric. I’ve yet to find my groove with yoga pants because I don’t actually do yoga, nor do I feel like they are really pants. They’re also super unflattering on me. Today I wasn’t feeling well, so I threw on my regular pair and a hoody just as something comfy to take my kids to school. 34 seconds after leaving my house, I snagged them on something and tore a tiny hole in the thigh. I’m fairly certain this is the Universe telling me that yoga pants are not for me but dammit, they are comfortable and I’m stubborn. I’m going to continue to wear them until the hole gets too big for the comfort of everyone’s eyes. Maybe I'll just Sharpie my leg with a little black dot, too. #wishmeluck

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