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Infinite Spring Break...

Listen, I love my kids. They are the apple of my eye, my entire reason for living. I would die for them. It’s just, we’ve been on spring break this week and oh my god why are there still two days left before they go back to school? I’ve got a cold, I can’t breathe through my nose, I’m exhausted, and my children have the energy of a thousand suns.  They use this energy as a weapon, constantly challenging my patience and pushing buttons I didn’t even know existed until I birthed two monsters. Ohhhh, you feel like death, mom? We’re going to start punching one another and screaming about something so dumb you’ll literally want to stab your ears.

Also, what in the actual FUCK was I thinking when I sold my business to stay home?? I’m going to be with these fools the entire SUMMER? How many days even is summer break? There is not enough coffee in the world for this. I’ve made a serious error, friends.  And am I just living in this hoodie right now?? Who is dressing me and why is this allowed? Send help. And tissues.

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