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It's Always Something...

Updated: Jul 4

We took a trip to the ER with the #sixlet a few nights ago for a bug bite gone rogue. He came home from camp on Wednesday with what appeared to be a large mosquito bite. On Thursday morning, he was complaining of pain at the site and it was clearly more red and a little swollen. I gave him some Benadryl and put an ice pack on it. By bedtime Thursday night, he was crying if even the wind blew on his leg and his little thigh was HUGE….and wicked hot to the touch. We took his temperature and he had a small fever. I immediately thought it was cellulitis (a bacterial infection under the skin) and took him to the ER.

Confirmed: he has cellulitis and was prescribed antibiotics 3x/day for seven days. They taste super gross but he’s fine and already showing much improvement.

But the only reason I’m even telling you this story is because the nurse turned on the TV and explained that it was, “just regular tv, no Netflix.” So my kid looks her dead in the face says, “oh, ok well in that case I’d like some boxing please.”  

I don’t know why he asked for boxing, or thought the nurse could just magically conjure this particular sport on cable tv??? We’ve never watched boxing, he’s maybe seen snippets of an MMA fight as we were passing through, but we aren’t watchers of boxing in any way.  Kids are stupid funny y’all, I can’t even make this shit up.

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