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Keeping It Classy...

Updated: Jul 4

#thehubby and I celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary yesterday!! We left the kids with my moms and went out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. I was determined to put some effort into the evening, so I dressed-up and threw on some heeled boots…..which turned out to be mistake #1. This was the first time I’ve tried to wear actual shoes since I was #hitbyatruck and it was not good.

We arrived at the restaurant and I hobbled across the parking lot like a teenager wearing heels for the first time. At least people knew there was a problem when I had a cane or walking boot, but there was no indication of a physical ailment except maybe the pained look on my face. We had two separate vehicles come to a complete stop to allow me to gimp through the lot and make our way to the front door.

Now, this restaurant is a really nice place and I’d forgotten just how long it’s been since we have gone to a really nice place (read: since we had kids - 7.5 years ago). We felt a little like the Beverly Hillbillies, walking past tables of obviously wealthy people who wore jeans with $400 shirts ironically. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t look homeless, but I definitely felt out-classed. Like this was a typical Wednesday night dinner for these people and we were celebrating a once-a-year thing.

The service was absolutely stellar! The waiter gave us a signed anniversary card, the restaurant manager brought me a rose, and we were served a complimentary champagne toast. Amazeballs. Not so cool? I’m a moron. I ordered some Hawaiian cosmopolitan something-or-another, which was shaken and poured at the table. #fancy The drink came with some cute embellishments - a delicious cherry and NOT a slice of mango. Sure, that’s what it looked like when I popped it into my mouth but no, orange peel.  So I just spit that sucker out and placed it neatly back on the toothpick like nothing had happened. Because I’m classy.

We proceeded to eat the best meal we’ve had since our wedding and laughed a whole lot. They serve these delicious desserts that come in a tall shot glass type thing. It took every ounce of restraint not to stick my finger (or tongue, let’s be honest) inside and scrape out every last bit. Because again, classy. Then we paid and hobbled back to the car, but not before I stumbled into someone’s table and almost ruined their entire meal. Not drunk, just have a broken foot.

Anyway, can’t wait to go back again next year in flats!

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