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Kid Parties Are The Worst...

Tell me you’re at a kid’s birthday party without telling me you’re at a kid’s birthday party.

I feel like people are either all in with kid parties, or all out. Large, public birthday celebrations with children running around screaming are a nightmare to me. It’s not even the kids, really - it’s the adults. I have an incredibly difficult time with parents who let their children run amuck and do little (read: nothing) to monitor or correct their behavior.

I don’t sit on the sidelines and assume my children will always know how to behave and follow the rules. I’m in the action, showing them how to mini golf and reminding them to say please and thank you. I leave parties sweaty and exhausted, because parenting is hard. And parenting other people’s kids is hard; if you don’t tell your child to wait his turn or be courteous to others, I will. #imthatmom #sorrynotsorry 

If you choose to take your kids to a public place for a party (or any reason), it’s your responsibility to ensure they are well behaved. Get off your phones, pay attention, and guide them toward becoming functional, well-behaved members of society. If they aren’t well behaved, that’s ok; they are kids, afterall. But you’d better believe I’m pulling my child aside and having a discussion with them if they are disrespectful or out of line. We cannot expect better decisions from our offspring if we are not setting the example.

Maybe in a few years, the #bigkid and #honeybadger will be responsible enough to run free at a party, but I expect they’ll be that way because of the standards I’ve set at this age. Mama ain’t raisin’ no fools.  #whoami #butseriously

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