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Let's Party Until 9pm...

Updated: Jul 4

Halloween Party 2022. What. Just. Happened?? I started this tradition at 19 years of age - nearly 20 years ago. Long before kids, and long before two drinks led to a two-day hangover. My parties used to start at 9pm, which meant show-up between 9-10pm and expect to party until daylight. People would sleep on my floor, on my FUTON, and sometimes in bed with me. #safetyfirst #dontdrinkanddrive 

Now, party starts at 6pm and everyone is gone by 10pm. People bail last minute because their kids are sick or their days were too packed to possibly do one more thing. Our basement has every single toy on the floor, including some I didn’t even know we had. Mama is drunk off a single shot and our friends are breastfeeding in the living room while we entertain their toddler.

The #fivester is melting-down because the kids are, “destroying our basement!” and the #bigkid has excused himself to his room because, “there are too many people in [my] space.” And….it’s pretty awesome. We’ve reached the point where our kids can play and have fun without watching their every move, while we talk to other adults about adult things like our kindergarteners slapping other kids and being too tired to literally do anything.  We have found a tribe that shows-up no matter what, and find new people to join each year as their schedules allows.

Life is pretty cool. I’m going to go have one more adult beverage and clean our basement while the boys sleep. Happy Halloween friends, hope you’ve have a great weekend! Tinkerbell OUT  #halloween2022 #halloweenparty

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