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Rock Out With Your CDs Out...

This was a good choice today! Do any of you still listen to cd’s?  You know, compact discs that play music?? I love my cd’s. I like to play CD Roulette and just pick a random one to start my day. This collection has everything from Janet Jackson to Metallica (all of them) to the first 12 NOW (That’s What I Call Music) to The Wreckers to Usher to James Taylor and allllll that’s in between. My very first CD was Ace of Base in 4th grade and it’s still in here.

I don’t know why, maybe it’s nostalgic? Maybe I am resistant to change? All I know is that, when I was #hitbyatruck in 2020 and nearly every single item in my car was destroyed, this case of my favorite music survived, in the front of my vehicle that took a head-on collision, without a single broken disc. It was a sign from the universe that this music was not to be lost to the new age, fancy pants world of streaming or whatever kids do these days. I had the option of waiting for the new version of my car to come out when I replaced my vehicle after that crash, but the “upgraded” version didn’t have a CD player.  Why would you do that?? Crazy ass car designers. I stuck with the original model  

Anywho, I’m listening to Staind today and rocking out  Enjoy whatever music you love and make it a great Wednesday!

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