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Saving The Planet, One Balloon At A Time...

Updated: Jul 4

Balloon Hack  from yours truly. Let me start by saying that I don’t love balloons. I used to buy helium filled, latex balloons for every occasion we celebrated with my children; they were nostalgic, and fun to look at and play with. Don’t even get me started on sucking the helium out at the end and talking like an alien - hilarious and probably SO good for our brains.  However, at the ripe old age of old, I hate how bad they are for the environment and I no longer purchase them for special occasions.

But, I have found that many of the birthday decoration kits that I buy online include balloons. I wish it weren’t so, I wish there were a way to exclude them, but here we are. I am also not in love with the idea of single-use birthday decor. My boys usually like the same theme either the same year, or within a couple of years of one another. So I get at least two uses out of them, and then I sell them online. Keep everything that doesn’t get damaged by destructive children and put it in the original packaging to sell as a used but in great condition birthday pack! I always buy extra plates and napkins in the theme colors from the dollar tree, too. Those are nice to include when you sell them because you usually use all the themed plates and stuff.

Anywho, balloons. This year, I discovered that you can inflate AND deflate foil balloons with a straw. I’ve always taken them to a store, and had them inflated with helium, which I no longer do. But they were so damn cute and my kids were excited about Pikachu. So, I blew them up, hung them from the ceiling, and deflated them for future use (either by my or someone else). Took me 30 seconds and they’ll last forever without going in a landfill.  

So that was a really long story to tell you to recycle shit and save the planet, k?     #lifehacks #gogreen #pokemonbirthdayparty

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