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Summer Breaking....

My kids were especially spicy yesterday; arguing over everything, sassing me, being ungrateful little turds. They had a LEGO camp from 1-4pm and I could not WAIT to drop them off. #tuckandrollbitches I unleashed on them a bit on our drive to camp because they were complaining about “having” to go do this. This being an activity that I not only paid for, but agonized over months ago to pick the very best camp for them so they would have fun and not be stuck at home all summer. #sillyme

I sat in my car for a few minutes after leaving them and just bawled. It’s only the end of June and I am absolutely fried. This is the second summer I’ve been home with them instead of working at an office. Some days I’m grateful, some days I long for 8 hours away while someone else watches them.

When I pulled myself together, I drove straight to my nail salon, thankful that my usual tech had an opening when I arrived. I picked out my colors, and ordered a giant mango margarita. What, your nail salon doesn’t have a full bar?? This place knows their target audience. I looked around, at 1:30pm on a Monday, and noticed several other women clutching adult beverages as though their lives depended on it. I get it sisters, I get it.

I settled into my chair and let Tiffany go to work. We talked a little, but I mostly sipped my cocktail, closed my eyes, and listened to the Backstreet Boys station they had softly playing. #winning It was the perfect hour.

Toward the end of my appointment, I asked Tiffany how her kids were enjoying summer? She said that they were just staying at home and not doing much. #teenagers Then, she pulled out her phone and dialed someone, on speaker, while casually painting my nails. No answer. She dialed and hung up four times before an obviously annoyed teenager picked-up.

Tiffany spoke mostly in Filipino, while her daughter had a mix of English and Filipino responses. I couldn’t help by try and piece together the conversation, as it was being had, on speaker, 18 inches from my face. I didn’t catch a ton, but the call promptly ended with Tiffany saying, “Ugh, you so lazy. Bye.” And hanging up on her daughter.

The moral of the story is: kids are hard. Summer is hard. Whether you are working and managing teenagers from your desk, or shuffling kids around to various events while they scream and hit one another with pool noodles - it’s hard. I see you. I’m here, too. I hope you all get a minute to yourself to breathe. Maybe pour yourself a little drinky drink, or take a bath, or lock your kids in the basement with snacks for an hour while you scream into a pillow. Whatever you need, mama. Only two months left.

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