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Today has been full of emotions for me. We are headed back from St. Pete Beach. My parents used to take my brother and I here for Spring Break when we were kids. The world-famous DonCesar Hotel holds some of my favorite memories from when my parents were still married. Life seemed easy back then, and we weren’t even aware of how much went on in the world around us.

Today, as I sat in the gulf water and watched my children experience the same beach that I remember so fondly, I looked down in the sand at my scars and began to cry. This body has been through so much in the last year, and I’m just so damn thankful to be here. My kids blissfully played on the beach with my husband and their laughter made me cry harder. For as angry as I am about being #hitbyatruck, I’m hopeful that my physical scars always remind me how lucky I am.

We are soaking-up every moment of this #familyvacay, along with the sun.  

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