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That's a BIG Bag...

Let me tell you a little story about the MOST ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Ok, so I’ve been saving for a #louisvuitton bag for years. It’s never really seemed feasible or, frankly, appropriate to spend that kind of money on something like this. It’s just insanely ostentatious and not really my style to display any kind of wealth with material objects. I run my phones into the ground, wear clothes from Target, and love a good bargain. But, there was always this little voice in my head that wanted to splurge on an item of this magnitude if/when I had finally saved enough.

Well, today was the day! I’m on this amazing trip in Scottsdale to further my writing career, and happened to see a CRAZY GOOD Mother’s Day Sale at the LV here. My #rideordiebitch and I Ubered over to the mall and I found my dream bag. A little shy about this splurge, my plan was to bring it home and use it in my everyday life, rather than sporting it around the conference like an asshole.

But guys, the sales associate disappears to wrap up my purchase, and returns a few minutes later with The. Most. Obnoxious. Bag. You. Have. Ever. Seen. It was SO BIG and everyone in the mall was looking at me and this disgustingly large bag. So I’m feeling particularly self-conscious and decide to just start making fun of how big it is. I’m running into things, tripping over it, and cry laughing. It’s a fucking scene, in this suuuuper boujee mall. Then, I realize this bitch has to come on an airplane with me.  

Please turn your attention to a picture of me with this bag on my lap while I sit. No fucking way this bad boy is getting through security at the airport, much less fitting in an overhead compartment. My purse was 1/6 the size of this monstrosity. Just, why??? So anywho, we turned around and went back to the store to ask that they ship it to my house. Apparently this is a complimentary service anyway and I feel like someone should have mentioned it before I walked through the mall acting a fool.

So, said bag still feels slightly stupid to have purchased but at least I’m not knocking people over with the packaging to really drive the point home. #whathaveidone

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