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This Is Absolute Trash, Kids...

Wow. What a wide array of absolute trash under the kids’ couch in the basement.  I spy, with my little eye:



 a spoon

 more trash

 every marble we own

 a wrench

 a Wii nunchuck remote

 half a cookie

 Nerf darts


 reusable zip-lock bags

 even MORE food

 puzzle pieces


We try to stay on-top of the boys and their space in the basement. Toys are cleaned-up, dishes brought-up every day, things put away. We don’t allow eating on the top level of our house (bedrooms), the middle level contains our kitchen and is, therefore, the primary place of food-consumption, and the basement is for snacks. Occasionally. Or like, always? And then the crumbs and trash are deposited UNDER the couch? What the actual fuck, kids? I’m appalled. I don’t even understand what is happening here. And the truly scary thing? This is not the first time we have discovered this monstrosity. Are we terrible parents? Are they terrible kids? I’m just….whyyyyyy????

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