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We're Cruising...

Friends, I need your help! We are taking a #bucketlist trip to Alaska the first part of June to celebrate #thehubby’s 50th birthday!! This has been in the works for TEN YEARS, ever since I booked the same trip for his 40th and then got knocked up with the #bigkid and had to cancel. Thank god we did, though, because he literally would have been born ON the ship.

Anywho, this is our first cruise ever and first time to Alaska. What do we need? What do we wear? Shoes?? How cold will it be on the ship vs. on land for excursions? Can I pet a grizzly bear safely? What are the “can’t miss” things on the inside passage?? Am I allowed to bring home a bald eagle if I promose to care for it always and wrap it in an american flag and stuff if it’s cold?  

Please send me all of your tips and tricks!!   #alaskacruise #princesscruise

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