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Weight Loss My Ass...

So, I’ve been trying to lose some weight that I gained in the three years since I was #hitbyatruck. I’ve been exercising, eating less junk, and I stopped drinking alcohol. My knee went wonky again a few weeks ago, so the exercise has slowed and I was looking for a bit of a “helper.” I don’t believe in quick fixes, but thought a little tea may just curb my enthusiasm in the eating-my-feelings department.

So two nights ago, I had my cup of hot tea before bed, as instructed. I slept pretty well and got the kids off to school on-time the next morning. As soon as I walked in the door, it hit me: the intense gurgling and discomfort. Thankfully, I was steps away from the bathroom so I made it and boy howdy, there was some definite weight loss. I think I left about six pounds and my kidney behind.

So what did I do? I tried another cup last night with the same results this morning. I’m not sure this is really helping but I’m definitely on an unintended cleanse right now and maybe that’s the kick-in-the-shorts I need to get the ball rolling.  

Anywho friends, learn from my mistakes. I do these things for you because I care.  Happy Friday!

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