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Back to School...

Updated: Jul 4

The #bigboy is now 9 years old, and begins 4th grade next week. I’m struggling with all that this age brings with it. He is currently so innocent; Santa and the Tooth Fairy are still real, and he doesn’t yet know the cruelty of the world. We have been able to keep him from discovering some of the harsh realities in life, and his innocence is both beautiful and heartbreaking.

I’m bracing myself for the discovery that kids can be mean, and magic is fleeting. I know that, all too soon, he’ll discover that the things he once believed in and loved so much, are not what they seemed. He’ll learn how tragic the world can be, and that his well-wishes can’t always fix things. War, tragedy, school shootings, hatred, sadness. All too real.

I’m scared for the bullies that come with his size deficiency, and want him to know that he is never inferior. I want him to hold onto the blissful joy of being a young kid for as long as possible. As he grows, I can only hope to guide him with confidence and compassion, while protecting his spirit in any way I can.

My baby is a grown boy now, discovering the world at his own pace. I’m excited, fearful, protective, and ready for him to take life by the reigns. But also, please just let him enjoy to magic a little longer; it’s so wonderful to see the joy on his face as he experiences the world we have so carefully created for him. I’m just not ready for that bubble to pop and expose all the nonsense.

Happy Back to School, friends!

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