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I Like The Way You Work It...

Sometimes, being a business owner is really great. I can occasionally take time off when needed, pick-up my sick kiddo from school, and not worry if I want to go to my friend’s house to snuggle her new kitten before heading into the office. Others, it means working when your entire family is home because you need to make numbers at year-end. It means stressing over taxes and losses and getting things shipped before December 31st. It means asking your employees to work because they are part of a team that keeps us all going. It means throwing on a comfy hoody, grabbing a coffee, and heading into the office instead of cuddling with your kids on the couch. Working to provide for your family is an honor, and yet, the sacrifices can be overwhelming. So if you’re working today to make the world go ‘round, I see you!! Put on that happy face and get it done….and order and extra large coffee if you need to! #workingmom #bosslife

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